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Acupuncture Therapy to Reduce Vasomotor Complications After Chemotherapy

Vasomotor complications are associated with a variety of ailments but can be especially complicated in those cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy. As a complication very common in cancer patients, many oncologists are looking for ways in which their patients can overcome their vasomotor complications once their chemotherapy is complete.

If you are facing chemotherapy treatment for your cancer, it is important to speak with your doctor about the implications of vasomotor complications and what you can do to eliminate some of the risk. While not a traditional form of medicine, many individuals are turning to more alternative forms of treatment including acupuncture and massage therapy.

While not a sole form of treatment for vasomotor complications during and after chemotherapy, the use of acupuncture and massage therapy provide excellent results as a supportive role to traditional medicine. Because herbal remedies to improve vasomotor function can interfere with your chemotherapy treatments, these other forms of alternative medicine are more widely accepted by physicians.

When considering options for acupuncture treatment or massage therapy, you will want to find an alternative medicine specialist who has a background in the complications of cancer and the issues that arise from the side effects of chemotherapy. In addition, be sure that your acupuncturist or massage therapist is well versed in the use of treatments to resolve vasomotor complications. Without these specialties, you may not get the best possible outcome from your acupuncture and massage therapy treatment.

Chemotherapy is an essential part of treatment for individuals who are living with a cancer diagnosis but often leads to its own set of health risks. For many cancer patients, especially those with prostate cancer or breast cancer, there is a marked risk for vasomotor complications. To mitigate this risk, be sure to ask your doctor about the appropriate healthcare treatment you need to improve your overall health outcome, including acupuncture and massage therapy in lieu of alternative medicinal herbal remedies. Without proper intervention, the vasomotor complications can lead to long term health risks well beyond the time your cancer is in remission.

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